You Are Right! You Can't Lose WeightI was talking to a friend who is helping me with a new business and we were going over the business plan and how we can get it off the ground.  I kept coming up with a million reasons why it won’t work.  On the other side, he was tired of coming up with reasons it will.

Finally, he said, “you are right you can’t.  You should quit and go get a day job.”

I took this kind of personally because we are good friends but why did my friend basically just slap me in the face and tell me I am worthless?

That’s easy…because I was acting like a little sissy and he definitely didn’t want to hear me whine about something that hadn’t even ventured out of the starting gate yet.

Nothing in life is easy and nothing worth doing is easy to do.  So I sat down and shut up and started thinking about my goals again and what we wanted to accomplish with this business and what the end goal is.  We began to work on the benefits of the work we were doing and how we were going to help people.

Thinking this way got us in a positive mindset and made me(the sissy) start realizing that if I don’t do it then I won’t be able to help a lot of people and my passion and dreams would not be realized.  I got the juices flowing again and we were back on getting it started and what our next steps would be.

So what does this have to do with you?

Nothing if you have a never wavering focus on your weight loss goals.

But some of us can’t keep the fire burning that long.  Or don’t see results soon enough.  So we begin to come up with every negative thought possible about why it doesn’t work for us.

Then we actually believe what we are saying.  We are like a negative Tim Robbins.  Instead of Positivity and Motivation we give ourselves the way out.

“It’s not us, it’s the program”

Well as one of those people sometimes, I am sorry to say that we are LYING to ourselves.

So it’s time to stop being full of crap and look ourselves in the mirror and say,


If we just concentrate on the benefits of what we are doing and focus on the results we are trying to reach, we will achieve it.  It can’t matter how long it takes because that could be tomorrow or a year from now.

Either way we will benefit from our constant, consistent action and motivation towards our goal.  We have to keep that passion for our achievement alive otherwise we are right, we can’t do it.  Whatever IT is.

If you have ever felt this way, please let me know.  I was weak today and I am glad I had a friend look me in the face and set me straight.

I will be that friend if you need it.




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