Weight Training Tips for BeginnersWeight training is not as simple and straightforward as many make it out to be. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration before beginning. For example, what are your goals and what are you trying to achieve? Some people who weight train just want a bigger upper body, while others are looking to bulk up all from head to toe. If you don’t want to get bigger and are just wanting better muscle definition and improved strength; then you can still weight train but you would do so in a different way compared to someone who’s trying to bulk up.

Once you know your goals and what exactly you want to achieve with your body, then you can move on to the actual weight training. Again, there are different ways of weight training, and it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. But with any and all levels of weight training, there are a few tips that everyone can apply to their sessions that will help them achieve maximum results, while at the same time minimizing possible injuries and sprains.

Here are a few weight training tips for the beginner who’s looking to get started.

1)    Make a list or itinerary of all that you’re going to do. The list should include what parts of your body you’re going to focus on, what type of workouts are you going to do, how many repetitions for each arms, legs, and so on, etc. This will help you stay focused and organized making sure that every part of you gets the work out or training it needs.

2)    First and foremost, before any kind of workout routine, one must stretch and warm up. Doing so will help relax and condition the muscle before the actual work begins. Stretching can also reduce the likelihood of straining or spraining your muscles. Warm ups, whether that’s dancing, jump roping, or a light jog, will help you get in the mood as well as get the blood pumping.

3)    Start off slowly and progress from there. You don’t want to injure yourself on the first rep. Pick up weights that are just a little bit heavier than you would normally choose and begin with low and slow reps. Once those weights become easy, move on to slightly heavier ones. Don’t try to dead lift 400 pounds on the first day, because you’ll literally drop dead. It’s all about slow and sure progression. Don’t over do it.

4)    Breathing is an important factor when it comes to weight training. Your muscles need a constant supply of oxygenated blood, especially when doing strenuous workouts. Never hold your breath, especially when lifting heavy weights. Doing so can cause blood vessels to burst or even hernias.

5)    After each session, make sure you give your body plenty of rest and time to recover before going back for more weight training. Usually 48 hours is a good enough amount of rest for your muscles. It’s also during rest and recovery periods that your muscles do the most growing.

In addition to following these tips, someone who is weight training should also follow a specific diet. Eat the right foods that will help fuel your weight training sessions as well as give the right amount nutrients for your muscles to grow and develop. Weight training does take time, and unless you’re the Hulk, it will also take patience and dedication.

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